Wow, I cannot believe it's already Thursday. What are you up to this weekend? I've been traveling what feels like every weekend and am so thankful to have a weekend at home. I'm hoping to go out and see this movie

In the spirit of travel, have you heard of Raden? It's a new smart luggage company and it seems like they've thought of everything...

First and foremost I love the sleek design. Luckily it has beauty and brains, with a built in charger, location tracking, and an integrated scale so you can weigh your bag before the officious people at the desk do. 

Raden currently comes in two sizes, a 22-inch carry-on size or a 28-inch check-in size and seven colors and range in price from $295 to $595.

It's interesting to compare this company to another recently launched luggage brand, AWAY. Which do you prefer? I am so happy companies are finally disrupting the luggage game.

You can buy Raden through the company’s website or go test it out yourself at their pop-up store in Soho.