Skimm Ahead

My relationship with the Daily Skimm is complicated. I can't get over the flippant nature of the reporting and while I no longer call myself  subscriber, I know many people enjoy it and I give Danille and Carly credit for achieving incredible product/market fit. Regardless of my stance on the Daily Skimm, I am really loving their new product, "Skimm Ahead." Have you heard of it? 

It basically "Skimm-ifies" your calendar, adding in the fun things you wish you remembered, but likely don't have on your calendar.... the NBA Draft, the French Open, the National Spelling Bee, Adele Tickets going on sale....etc...

While I can't say I am eager to hear when Orange is the New Black is premiering, I do love the idea of this calendar overlay so long as it becomes more customizable to each person. What do you think? The app/calendar overlay is $2.99/month, but the first month trial is free