Startup Spotlight: YAWN London

Britain must be on the brain this week because I have another London company to share with you. It's a pajamas company, or should I say, 'pyjamas,' company with an appropriate name.... 

YAWN offers a  collection of luxury nightshirts, pyjama sets and sleep socks in fun prints 
(like this 'port in a storm' print.) 

Perfect for a friend that appreciates a bit of whimsy! 
These sleep socks would also be a perfect small valentines gift.

Happy lounging!

Startup Spotlight: Not Another Bill

Have you heard of Not Another Bill? I love the name of this London-based eCommerce company. Sign up and each month you will receive a beautifully curated surprise in the mail. 


If you aren't ready for the commitment, you can now also shop unique individual items in the gift shop or check out their impressive hampers.

Below is a video spotlighting the founder and how we turned a late night project into his own business.

Startup Revisited: Framebridge

Sincerest apologies for the spotty posting. I've been buried under work, but am excited to be back with a 'Startup Revisited' post. 

For those of you who come to these here parts regularly (thank you!) you may remember when I spotlighted a new company called Framebridge back in 2014. Well this Christmas I was finally able to give the startup a spin when I decided to frame a gift for a friend. I am happy to report that it was the most incredible experience and one that makes me question if I will ever lug my artwork to a physical frame store ever again. 

You start by selecting a frame type, I went with this Newport Silver, and then Framebridge guides you through the entire framing process. You receive a box in the mail a short while later to send them your item to be framed and fairly soon after that, your piece arrives beautifully framed and wrapped. 

I highly recommend giving it a try next time you need something framed. It also makes a great gift for an upcoming February holiday!

Startup Spotlight: Love Your Melon

With ski season in full swing around country, it feels appropriate to spotlight a cold weather accessories company today. Love Your Melon  is on a mission to give a beanie and a smile to cancer patients across America. For every hat you buy, one gets donated on your behalf. You can read more about their wonderful mission here. If you are a student, there are also great opportunities to get involved as an ambassador. 

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

Last Minute Unique Gifts

Looking for a last minute gift that's not from your typical big box store? 

AYR, the female line from the creators of Bonobos is offering free two day shipping on all orders. 

A few other unique places to get last minute pressies delivered on time....

Everlane | order by end of today!
Cuyana | same day delivery in SF, NY and LA
Warby Parker | order by end of today!
FEED | select two day shipping
Brooklinen | free two day shipping

Also, Canopy is a fantastic resource for beautiful gifts all from Amazon 
(hello Prime two day shipping!)

More reasons to 'shop startup' this holiday! 

Discovering Jane Iredale, Naturally

I'm on my way to sunny Florida at the moment, so why not talk about bronzer shall we?

 Transitioning my makeup products to all natural versions has been a bit of an arduous process. Sadly, high performance chemical makeup will leave you a bit spoiled, and I've found it hard to find truly good makeup that is still good for your body (or at least not bad for it!)
Jane Iredale was one of those brands that I kept coming across over and over again, but never tried. This Saturday, a lovely woman at Pharmaca asked me if I had a spare few minutes for her to show me something "I just needed to try." One minute later that "just need to try" turned into a "just need to buy."  I find it lovely and shimmery without being glittery. Similar to Bobbi Brown shimmer bricks, but better. I've read that the entire line is lovely, but this is the only thing I've tried thus far.

You can find her products at Pharmaca locations as well as on Dermstore (20% off with code THANKS20)


A New Site You MUST Try!

Although there are many new companies featured on this site, I don't think a post has ever had me this excited. I've been withholding this one from your for a few months now as I tested it out myself before recommending it to you. I can now honestly say, it is incredible and get ready to get distracted at work...

Say hello to

The new invite-only site for trying on everything you've ever dreamed of from your favorite sites. Barneys? Check. Niemans? Check. Ralph Lauren? Check. Nike? Check.... you get the picture. 

Not only do you get to try things for free, Try has built an amazing technology platform that makes the experience seamless. They are really merging the best of the online and offline experience, letting you shop online, but try things on without the upfront commitment.  I would go into details, but you should really just check it out yourself.

Startup Spotlight: AWAY

Have you shopped for luggage recently? If so, you may have asked the same question I always do... How can a rectangle box on wheels really cost. so. much.?

Well two former Warby Parker ladies switched their focus from sunnies to suitcases with a new direct to consumer luggage company called AWAY. The first (of many) products is a simple carry on bag...

You can check out AWAY here. Happy travels!